1. Sneak Peak of a page spread for The Quarterly Magazine. http://thequarterly.co.uk/

    Creative Direction & Production - Pete Davies

    Photography - James Deacon

    Wardrobe Styling - Amanda Cox

    Hair & Make Up - Nikki Hughes

    Image Composites - Pete Davies

    Words - Kate Evans 


  2. Produced & Directed this project shot for D&AD and 2MZ.

    Tracks the journey of an award from raw material to finished piece. 



  3. Produced & shot this image with James Deacon for the Tedx advertising campaign.


  4. Super Slow Motion Creative Installation:

    When in an argument, time passes rapidly, but when looking back it feels as if everything was happening in slow motion because so much emotion was communicated in such a short amount of time. When looking at this in terms of the 4.8 seconds captured by the camera, the resulting 3 minutes and 14 seconds of real time footage created, reveal how many changing expressions are present that one is unaware of.

    The argument is displayed projected on huge screens facing each other in a way which allows the viewer to step into the conflict and respond according to their individual experience, which might span a range of
    disagreements and clashes of varying intensity, for example, a simple dilemma, inner conflict, or a full blown domestic argument.


  5. Road In Kathmandu - Intaglio Etching - Print on Paper